Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything that I Have Ever Done

It was hot outside.

It was not just the temperature that was hot that afternoon. It was the dust in the air combined with the heat which seemed to suffocate the activity out of everyone and everything. It was unbearable to be out in the heat at this time of the day, and she wished that somehow this task could have waited until sundown, but sundown is when other tasks would need to be done.

With a heavy sigh she picked the heavy pot back up into her arms and started moving back into the direction of the well. How many trips had it been today alone for water? She had lost count to be sure.
Even though she was used to handling herself around men, she could not help but tense up when she saw Him sitting there at the edge of the very well she would need to draw water from within the next few moments.

She debated about going up to the well or walking back to the village. Before she could take another step, this man spoke with a gentleness in His voice that stopped her dead in her tracks.

What was it he said to her just now?

"May I have a drink please?"

She could tell by His dress and His accent He was Jewish. So why would He "Lower" Himself to speak to a Samaritan? Surely He could not have been that thirsty?

He was Jesus, and He was thirsty for the thing that God is always thirsty for... Us.

He spoke to her that afternoon of "living water" and "Springs that flowed life from within" and it was His amazing attention to detail which drew the hook. He cared enough about her to mention He knew exactly where she was in life.

I love that!

He is aware of what we are going through in our life TODAY!

She became so overwhelmed by Him and His message to her that she ran back into the village to tell everyone else about the Messiah who sat by the well.

Her use of words arrested my attention for it is within the wording I find a very powerful encouragement to every single one of us this morning!

"The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men, Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?" ~John 4:28-29

It is not the audience she goes to that takes me off guard here, but rather the message  she delivers to her audience.

Please notice she does NOT say, "This man told me about a promotion He was offering me to come to Him with" or "This guy has a list of things that this free gift is going to require of me in order to prove I really am grateful for that free gift".


The message is simple and powerful.

"Come see a man which told me everything that I have ever done!"

I need you to think with me for just a moment.

What was it that led her to the well that day and to the place in life where she found herself as well?

I would like to venture for just a moment that it was in fact the , "Everything I have ever done" that put her at the well on this day with the stranger from Galilee.

Each of us have an "Everything that I have ever done." by the way and each of us must decide what to do with that.

Most people decide that there is just enough dirt contained in the "everything that I ever did" to  feel the need to hide it away like a dead corpse and never discuss it.

Still others see nothing good in the "Everything I ever did". It is full of pain, regret, and shame and if we could just forget every night spent, and every penny wasted and every hurtful word and action given and received then we would be OK.

It was the "Everything that I ever did" that brought her to the well on that day, and it was the "Everything that I ever did" that brought her to a place where she was ready to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ!

"Everything that I ever did"

What does this statement mean to you?

What does that call forward from your soul?

Have you ever tried to hide the answer to this question with denial?

The truth is that we are no different than the woman at the well in the fact that each of us has an "Everything that I ever did" and it is the "Everything that I ever did" that brings us to where we are with the relationship decision with Christ.
Last week I posted about learning to say "Thank You for My Wall". , and in that post I took a very transparent look at the wall I believe God used for the greatest good in my life. It has been one which He used in a powerful way to bring me into a true relationship with Him.
For some, the "Everything I have ever done"  that brought them into a relationship with Father is a jail house floor.

For some, the "Everything I have ever done"  that brought them into a relationship with Father is a prostitutes life.
For some, the "Everything I have ever done"  that brought them into a relationship with Father is a religious hypocrisy.
For some, the "Everything I have ever done"  that brought them into a relationship with Father is a drunken stupor.

It is the "Everything that I have ever done" that God uses to help us discover our need for Him! Had her steps been any different would she still have met the Master?

Your "Everything I have ever done" is one of the most valuable things you own. Whatever that list contains, could you give this list to Father today and allow Him to turn an anchor into a full main sail on your ship?

If your path had been any different would you know Him like you know Him today?

Thank Him for your "Everything that I ever did" and lay claim to Romans 8:28 today, and know that He is working everything for your good!

Climbing with you,

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