This is the video of the book that started everything that you have been reading in "The Man and The Wall". This is the entire message of the blog wrapped up in a level that even a child can understand. If God really loves us, then why does He allow so many circumstances in our life that seem to be so unfair?    
What would you think if I told you that there was a simple 30 second exercise which could change your entire day? Would you be willing to try it? This video explains how you can change the course of your day by a simple fix to your focus!


Have you ever had someone speak a word into your spirit at just the right time? This is how a recent  cheap comic book purchase brought a priceless lesson!
"God's Painting"

Does God really give us everything that we ask for? Could it be that every answer of prayer is provided in the form of what we need rather than what we want?


Can a woman dropping swear words introduce a powerful lesson in FAITH? You have to see this to believe it, but it demonstrates God's amazing "Beyond Audible" conversation skills with us!


Why is it so important that we believe what we believe?

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