Have you ever asked God "Why?"


I did, and this is what He told me...

My name is Dan, and I have a passion for helping people identify God's working in their life! The single most important day in my life outside of the day that I met Christ was the day that I discovered how to hear the voice of God in my life. His voice directed me away from religious bondage and a life pattern of frustration.

My life and understanding radically changed when I really looked at what Salvation In Christ had given me. Jesus did not come to make bad people moral, He came to make dead men live!

When I walked away from a mindset of striving to live FOR God's approval and acceptance and began to live FROM His approval and acceptance, He began to teach me my identity as His child. Identity will always bring purpose, and He taught me my life purpose.

Helping others learn how to identify the voice of God in their own life as well as how to identify the message that God gave them to speak with their life has become my consuming goal. 

One of the ways I would like to accomplish this is to share with you how God has helped, and how He continues to help me climb the walls in my life. I invite you to feel free to subscribe to this blog, and add your experiences to the posts as they are listed. This would be a tremendous way to help others gain perspective as they climb

The Man and the Wall is more than just a blog site or even a book.

For me, this concept began when I was a young child and it is the main idea behind everything that I have had the privilege to write and express. It is the message that I was given, as a child, to speak with my life and one that I am thrilled to share with you.

It is most simply put,

"God's purpose, not His fairness dictates the circumstances of our life."

I have the privilege of expressing this message to others weekly in a life group within my church as well as fellow believers around the world through this blog. I truly believe that a person could make it through any difficulty if they were to fully understand just how much that they are loved by The Father.

God bless you today, and thank you for taking the time to look through what God has placed on my heart.

Climbing with you,


  1. I loved it when did skits for Reformer Unamious. I prayed God would show you to develope this skill. I remeber the soldier one and the cups of coca cola. I loved that part the most was seeing what lesson you came up with each time.

  2. Those were amazing times! Thank you for remembering them and for sharing the memories. Those were the days when the blog posts were "Live".