My Purpose

The Purpose of the Man and The Wall

Most of us could readily list out a list of circumstances in our life that we do not understand.

Let's take that a bit further. Most of us could also assemble a list of circumstances in our life that have seemed to be very much like a wall. It blocks us from moving forward and if God truly is a loving God, and He is, we would be honest to admit that these allowed walls on our path are frustrating as well as painful to view.

I would like to use the posts on this blog to submit to you that these "Walls" are in fact not really walls at all. They are merely part of a step because life is simply a series of steps. Steps that are designed to bring us closer to God.

Thank you for visiting this Blog, and I encourage you to take a moment and look through the posts that have been shared in the READER' CHOICE. I would also like to encourage you visit the GRAFFITI WALL where others who have been blessed by what they have read, stopped to encourage you through their words. The book that started this whole ministry along with every other tool on this site were designed to help strengthen and encourage you in your climb with Christ the "steps" God has carefully and lovingly allowed on your path.

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