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""Wedding? Groom? Don't ask me, I'm just the Bride."

Every now and then God chooses to speak through dreams. This post is from a dream that I had where I felt that God was trying to show me something about His church and His return. What did we as the church look like to Him? What do we as the church look like to the world around us? This post explains what I believe Lord used to show me the answers those questions. This is a must read!"  (CLICK HERE)


"You Had It All The Time."

Is it possible for God to place within your Spirit your life's message?  What is the one message that you were created by God to express to those that He places in your path? Is it even possible to know? This post will help you identify what you have had all the time!"    (CLICK HERE)


 "God's Phone Booth."

Has God ever asked you to go through a "Phone Booth" type of circumstance in your life?  Why would a loving God ask you to endure such an experience? Could it be that there was something super that He had in mind for you?  Get ready for God to help you see your "Phone Booth" for what it has always been!!!" (CLICK HERE)

   "What a Way to Die."

Did you ever know how you were supposed to die? What if I were to tell you that not only is it possible to discover how you are supposed to die, but also that it is possible for you to know the answer today? This article is the result of my asking God just how it was that He intended for me to leave this life!   (CLICK HERE) 

 "World War Z in Me."

Have you ever met a real deal Zombie? The truly scary thing is that you already have. In fact, you may interact with one every single day! This article is the true life story of an honest to goodness Zombie and what happened to him as a result of people finding out about it. There will be something in here that will be vitally important to the Zombie that you know.​    (CLICK HERE)


"Why I Choose To No Longer Invest In People."

 This single post received over 1,300 views its first day of release. Why would anyone decide to never again INVEST in another person? This is a decision that a lifetime in church led me to make and it is a declaration as to why I believe that you should make the same decision.​"  (CLICK HERE)








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