Solomon’s Song: A 90 Day Journey for God’s Expressed Desire for Your Heart

Are you looking to know that you are loved?
Are you tired of looking for affection in faces and places that continue to let you down?

Most of us believe in God’s love – in theory. But we struggle to be convinced of it’s powerful and personal presence in our daily lives.

We continue to see God as a scorekeeper who needs to be convinced to bless us and pleaded with not to punish us for our never-ending list of mess-ups. 
Yet God gives us His love and it is in abundance. He is a King who has made us royalty by His choice. We come to Him broken, bruised, and hurting and He extends His hand to pull us up. He longs to show you that He is everything you have ever searched for and is relentless in His pursuit of your heart.
This devotional has changed my relationship with the King in its writing and it will change yours in its reading.

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