Monday, May 5, 2014

Father Time

It started in the lumber department at Lowe's.
I am not sure quite what it is about a home improvement store, but something captures you the minute that you walk inside  the store and between the apron clad workers asking if you are finding everything alright and the smell of construction material, you are hooked.
I always feel the need to start a project when i go into these kind of stores and I truly believe that a spouse would be far more successful if she were to burn a "Lowe's" or "Home Depot" scented candle around the house. I truly believe that it is the smell of construction that stirs the need to construct further.
I was in the home improvement store last week and passed the treated 4x4s. I was suddenly inspired to construct an outdoor exercise area to fit my more recent lifestyle change of physical exercise.
Before I knew what I was doing, there was a cart filled with supplies at the checkout and the clerk was giving me a total cost. After I recovered from that shock I loaded up the supplies and headed to the house to draw up what I was seeing in my head in regards to this new project.


This past Saturday I embarked on a very intensive yard work project. The work was not as intensive as trying to complete a yard project with three little “Helpers” who love to know “WHY” everything is done the way it is and “Why” Daddy needs to keep re-cutting the same board so many times.
As they “helped” my older two children found other things to draw them away from the work site but my two year old was locked in determined to “help” Daddy.
I loved it!!!
He was watching everything that I did with such intensity and trying to emulate everything that he saw and as we spent the time together I was very much aware of him.
Not because he was trying to work with me, but just that he was close to me and as we worked together I loved listening to him sing little made up songs about his daddy. That absolutely thrilled me.
Father God is the same way. He desires our time and meditation..
What is it that you enjoy doing with Father?
Walking in the woods?
Working out?
Listening to music?
Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning stillness?
Reading the Word?
Getting together with friends?
"Whatever it is, don’t pass up an opportunity to spend in the moment with Him, because it is in those moments that you learn to emulate Him."
By the way, the Cross-fit workout area turned out amazing and as I was able to use it at 5am today, it was cool and still outside and I took full advantage of the opportunity to hum some made up songs about my “Daddy” and just be close to Him!

 Seize the "moments" while you have them to take hold of, because today's "moments" are all that you have.

Climbing with you,

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  1. Looks like you were building more than an outdoor exercise area! Looks like you were building relationships!