Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Best Moments!



On this past Sunday night Daddy got to watch Brynn and Blake while mommy went out to spend some special time with Clark. This is a pretty laid back arrangement. Blake happily eats cheerios while Daddy and Brynn do what Brynn loves to do.


We start out by piling all of the markers on to the dining room table, selecting our paper, and drawing a picture to color.


The Coloring is the most fascinating part.

Watching your child fill in the blank spots with their own choice of color. Sometimes it is not the color that you know would work the best in that blank spot, but it was their choice to make. You watch their eyes as they apply the color and they smile when you compliment their ability to stay within the lines, and droop when you tell them to be careful as their marker strays beyond the boundary.

Then as they bring the picture to completion they usually sing and have an over abundance of "I love you daddy" and "Your the best daddy ever", and my favorite, "Didn't we draw a beautiful picture Daddy?"

Just as soon as the moment started, it is over. The colors have all been added and all the blank areas have been filled in.

The picture is complete.

What mattered the most is that the child had the opportunity to choose the colors and decide how best to fill in the blank spots. That they could sing made up songs about you and how they love you. That they listened to their Father's guidance on where to place the colors they had picked out and took every opportunity they had to look up and say, "I love you Daddy", "Daddy you are the best Daddy ever".

The best moments would be those that took place just as the picture coloring time came to a close when they looked up and said, "Didn't we draw a beautiful picture Daddy?"

I guess that there is not a really deep spiritual post here today, but I do want to use this moment to encourage you to find a way today to give your heavenly Daddy some glory as you fill in the blanks that He has provided in your picture. Choose your colors well, and do not recoil at correction if you stray out of the boundaries. Take advantage of the time to sing about your Daddy. Above all, take some time today to look up and say, "I love you Daddy!" and "You are the best Daddy ever!"

This is the best way to live the color time that our Daddy has given us. More than anything, I desire to be able to look up as the best moment (life)  comes to a close and be able to say, "Didn't we draw a beautiful picture Daddy?".

Climbing with you,

~ Dan


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