Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just How Loud Does He Have To Say It?

I will never forget the day that I had my paradigm to God's "beyond audible" voice changed in my life.
I spoke in detail about it in the post "Do you hear what I hear?" and today's post is one that I would like to use to illustrate what I was expressing in that post.
There was a time in my life that I used to view God as someone who was mostly mad or mostly sad with me and my behaviour. "Could I make Him happy?" was the big question for the day and more often than not my failures would squelch that chance each day.

Then there was the whole issue of trying to go through the ritual of "listening" to Him. I did not know how to do that and I would pray and pray and feel as if I was talking to myself.
May I just stop here and say that I love how loudly that Father speaks.
I used to think that He only spoke through what was written in the Bible or through the pastor at church and so I would read the Bible until my eyes blurred and listen intently each and every week waiting to "Hear from Heaven" and I would pray and try with all my might to confess every sin I could think of in order to be worthy to have Him stoop to speak to me.
Then one day He opened my eyes to be able to "hear" Him.
Wait a minute. Opened your eyes to hear?
That's exactly right!
The Father's voice in our life is beyond audible!
We look for it to be heard in the way that we expect it to be and it must sound like the tone that we think it should be and we miss Him completely. I want to share something with You that Father shared with me in regards to hearing His "Beyond Audible" voice.
I was driving home from work this past Friday when a truck drove up in front of me. I could not help but notice the skull on the back window,
It was a picture of death and it stared me in the face for several miles. I would try to merge to the next lane in hopes of passing this guy but he kept merging with me and it was beginning to really frustrate me.
It is Mardi Gras time here in Mobile and I work very close in proximity to two large rescue missions, so in my commute I pass by these places and see the best that the can do with a heart that is open and searching for fulfillment (In a lot of cases).
It is very sad and especially during this time of the year with Mardi Gras it seems to really draw attention to the sight of people laying literally in the gutter passed out from an alcohol induced stooper.
I hate seeing people hurt by the effects of searching for fulfillment from empty wells.
The symbol on the truck in front of me reminded me for several miles of what I had seen throughout the day at work as well as the fact that the devil is alive and actively seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.
As I drove I breathed out a silent prayer that asked, "Father, why is this stuff everywhere I look? I hate seeing this and seeing people at the end of their rope and searching to seemingly no avail."
Just then a small Mercedes Benz cut in between me and the "Truck of death" and I had  to mash down on my brakes to avoid hitting it in the rear and my first reaction was to look at the license plate of the car.
That is when I became aware of a beautiful expression of an awesome God!
I realize that there are people who refuse to believe that God speaks to us daily and does so through more than just the Bible that we have. I have had people ask me if I really thought that I was good enough to hear God's voice every day, and I think its the wrong question to ask. The real question should be, "Do you think God is big enough to get through your thoughts of distraction to speak to you today?"
I saw the license plate of the car that was now between me and "Death and Evil" and I was amazed! 

Favor of God

That is when I heard Him speak into my spirit with that still small voice.

"Dan, your focus is off course. You are focused on what is wrong with the world and not focused on who is right. It is MY favor that stands between you and evil and you would have to go through ME to get to anything that could  ever hurt or harm you. It is MY favor that holds you up and it is MY favor that sustains you and MY favor alone that provides everything you need. Where ever you see evil Dan, MY favor is close at hand.
I am always present if you look for ME and there are people that will even be at this festival tonight that you are complaining about who are making wrong choices  because they are seeking to satisfy a thirst that I have placed within them.  It is a thirst for ME that they have, and they will be out in force looking to fill that void. MY favor will be seen by them when they ask to see ME, and Dan, some will find MY favor for them even in the middle of all of the evil that tries to block it out of their view."

I sat there stunned.

The God of the universe was using a license plate in traffic to speak an answer to a prayer that I had spoken to Him with my heart?

How incredibly simple yet complexly powerful was that?

It is all lined out so well to us that we miss it in our attempts to put a "formula" or "Science" behind the voice of God in our lives.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Ways = Everything that I do, Everywhere that I go, and Everyone that I meet.

Acknowledge = Search for or Discover

If I am seeking to see God, I will see Him. It really is that simple.

He is everywhere you are and He is  constantly broadcasting out His voice to you if you will have ears to hear and eyes to see.

He truly is speaking with the intent to direct your path.

Take a moment today and ask Father to open your eyes to hear His voice. It will change your life!!!

Climbing with you,


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